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Low back pain is a common complaint that can negatively affect your quality of life. Low back pain is one of the usual reasons for skipping work, and it’s the second most common source of disability. If you’re one of them, you may need to consult with an upper cervical chiropractor in Oklahoma City.

A low back pain remedy may include medications, injections, and surgery. But there are other options out there that are less invasive and less expensive. One underrated option is walking, a low-impact form of exercise that can help to relieve the pain and stiffness associated with low back pain.


6 Interesting Facts About Back Pain:

  1. It’s one of the most common causes of disability in the world.
  2. Many people miss work due to low back pain.
  3. More than 80 percent of the population will experience low back pain at some point.
  4. Back pain is the top 2 reason for visits to the doctor’s office, first is upper-respiratory infections.
  5. As many as 8 percent of all adults experience persistent or chronic back pain resulting in limitations in certain everyday activities.
  6. Most back pain cases are mechanical or non-organic and not caused by severe conditions, including inflammatory arthritis, infection, fracture, or disease.


Beat Low Back Pain by Walking Your Way to Relief

When back pain persists, engaging in movement may be the last thing on your mind. Likewise, visiting an upper cervical chiropractor in Oklahoma City may not even be top of your mind. But whichever you choose from these two will surely bring you benefits and relief from your dreaded low back pain.

It may be tempting to lie in bed and rest until your back pain episode passes. While there is nothing wrong with resting and relaxing your body, refusing to move won’t do much. It will not make you feel better fast, let alone provide lasting relief. 

Instead, try adding a regular walk to your daily routine despite the low back pain episodes. This can significantly improve your overall health and benefit your mind and body. Apart from the usual benefits of walking, it can also help rejuvenate your body and relieve your back pain.

It’s a light and accessible form of physical activity with many benefits. Also, you can always do walking exercises without spending a single dime. Below are some benefits of walking you need to know about:

Increases muscle strength

In general, walking can make your muscles stronger and boost their overall strength. When you walk, the muscles in your legs work together and help provide stability and control to your body. Walking also helps strengthen your spine’s stability making your body more upright and balanced. Walking promotes good posture too.

Boosts lower back flexibility

You may experience stiffness in the muscles and joints when you are not physically active. However, when this sedentary lifestyle continues, you can develop lower back pain in no time. With a simple walking exercise, you help improve the flexibility of your lower back muscles and ligaments as you stretch and improve your range of motion.

Ensures smooth blood flow and circulation

Your overall blood flow increases, and circulation also improves when you regularly engage in walking exercises. In addition, walking helps ease should there be any constricted blood vessels in your back, which promotes good blood flow. Walking also helps get rid of stiffness which can lead to comfort and relief in the painful area.

Helps maintain a healthy weight

If you’re on the heavy side, you are highly susceptible to developing lower back pain, as excess weight can put undue pressure on your spine and muscles. Living a sedentary lifestyle can also make your back issues worse. Simple walking exercises can enhance your body’s capacity to burn excess calories. If you need to lose more weight to be on the recommended range, you cannot depend on walking exercises alone, instead, work on your healthy diet and increase options in your workout routine. 

walking, upper cervical chiropractor in Oklahoma City

Lasting back pain relief through upper cervical care

Walking is a simple way to help relieve low back pain. It’s low-impact, reduces stress, and can improve flexibility and posture. However, some cases may need more help. Many patients seek chiropractic care to address their lower back pain woes. Sometimes, a misalignment in the upper cervical spine can also progress and lead to low back pain.

Your upper cervical spine consists of the top two bones in your neck area. These are your atlas and axis vertebrae which protect the brainstem and help your neck move in different directions. Unfortunately, due to their function and location, they are highly susceptible to misalignments too. When they shift from their natural alignment, there’s a high tendency for the rest of the spine to follow the alignment they set to keep the head upright.

When the rest of your spine compensates from misalignment set from the top, your nerves, muscles, joints, and ligaments will eventually experience stress and pressure, which can extend to the lower back.

When a misalignment in your spine is confirmed, correcting them can relieve your nerves, muscles, joints, and ligaments from undue stress and pressure. It can also help support the optimum function of your brainstem and spinal cord and help improve your overall blood circulation. This eventually allows messages to be transmitted without interference between your brain and body, resulting in increased healing and overall health. Upper cervical care may benefit you if you’re looking for a natural and non-invasive way to treat your low back pain.


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