Many people with vertigo, especially those who have experienced falling and getting injured, feel that their situation is hopeless.  Quite a few have given up on their physical and social activities, choosing to stay indoors for fear of getting hurt due to loss of balance.

But nothing can be farther from the truth.  A growing number of individuals that suffer from this condition have found help with an Oklahoma City vertigo chiropractor.  After only a few sessions, their fears have vanished, and they say that they’ve found victory over the vile illness.

For those unfamiliar with vertigo, it is an ailment when a person feels dizzy and feels as if the entire world is spinning around.  Aside from motion sickness, he or she also experiences nausea, headaches, lightheadedness, a stuffy feeling in both ears, and vomiting.  Many also report having tinnitus, a ringing sound in the ears. Others even experience their eyes moving uncontrollably, moving from side to side.

What causes this illness? Most doctors and scientists say that this ailment is due to a disorder in the central nervous system or an imbalance in the inner ear. A severe inner ear infection could also cause this serious ailment.

There is, however, nothing to fear. A quick visit with an Oklahoma City Vertigo chiropractor would allow a person to understand that there are many ways to manage or deal with the ailment.  The best part is that these positive interventions do not involve invasive surgery or potentially harmful chemical-based medications.  


Nature’s Way of Getting Relief from Vertigo

These are some of the easy, practical, and all-natural ways of dealing with this dizzying ailment:

  • Hydration

As most people already know, the human body is consists of about 70 percent water.  The composition of the human body itself is a clue about the importance of hydration to human life and optimal health.  Combined with a healthy eating plan that is generally low in sodium or salt, drinking at least eight to ten glasses of clean water would help you minimize vertigo.

  • Sunlight

Since many people live indoors and work hours inside an enclosed office space, it is not surprising to know that Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent.  Lack of sunlight, which is a good source for activating Vitamin D in the body, is one of the culprits behind poor health.  

While those who suffer from vertigo are often afraid of venturing outdoors, they really need the fresh air and the invigorating power that comes from the sun. Even those with the worst signs and symptoms of vertigo can go out and soak in the sunlight with a trusted companion. 

  • Anti-Inflammatory Food

Those who suffer from vertigo will do well to follow a sensible, tasty, but healthy eating plan. This means that they should avoid highly inflammatory foods that only worsen the signs and symptoms of vertigo.

You must avoid foods that contain too much sodium or salt. These include soy sauce, cheese, salted chips, pickles, and salty canned goods.  

It is good to eat anti-inflammatory foods that are rich in potassium, such as ripe bananas and tomatoes. These types of foods help remove excess fluid in the body while providing rich antioxidants and other micronutrients needed for health. 

  • Supplements

Adding supplements to your daily meals would also benefit you.  Today’s food supply is simply not guaranteed to have all the nutrients people need for optimal health.  With supplements like Ginkgo Biloba, one can get nature’s safe ingredients for reducing dizziness. This supplement is also suitable for preventing memory loss and altitude sickness. 

  • Stress Management

Any Oklahoma City Vertigo chiropractor would tell you that too much stress triggers a serious case of vertigo.  Try to avoid stressful situations and learn many techniques that promote relaxation. 

Join a yoga class or a meditation group that emphasizes proper breath control. This will help a lot in oxygenating your body, making it strong and supple, and improving your body’s deep awareness. Needless to say, we need air to think and function properly.  By focusing on managing your breath and understanding your body, you can manage stress and even reduce the signs and symptoms of vertigo. 

  • Sleep

Of course, getting six to eight hours of sleep every day as a minimum is a must not only for people with vertigo but for everyone. Sleep is the body’s process of eliminating toxins and repairing cells. During sleep, the brain, including the inner ear, gets to relax, enabling you to rest and be relieved from any sign or symptom of the dizzying ailment.  Sleep gives you the much-needed energy to continue your daily activities, so never miss out on a good night’s rest and slumber.

  • Upper Cervical Care

Perhaps one of the most effective, safe, and natural ways to handle vertigo’s discomfort is to get help from an Oklahoma City Vertigo chiropractor.   They can detect and correct misalignments, especially in the upper cervical region of the spine.  By ensuring proper alignment of the atlas and axis bones that carry most of the head’s weight, you remove tension while improving blood and cerebrospinal fluid flow.  

The upper cervical spine adjustment is also key to unlocking any nerve impingement, which is also a cause of severe headache and neck movement impairment. Blocked or impinged nerve hampers even the brain signals that emanate from the head to all parts of the body. This is also a cause of fatigue and loss of balance.  

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