More people are complaining about neck pain these days. Some can shake it off, while others have to put up with lingering discomfort. One thing is sure – finding a solution to chase the aches away is vital.

If you are looking for neck pain relief Oklahoma City has a lot of options to offer. Learn the ways to manage neck pain in this article. We will also disprove a few points about neck pain


Bust Those Myths About Neck Pain

1. My desk job did not cause this ache. 

People think that working at their desks is generally safe. To a certain extent, yes. Being in an office is less risky compared to working at a construction site. However, office jobs can induce inevitable aches.

Keeping the neck aligned helps achieve even weight distribution. So, leaning forward to see things clearly might seem like an innocent move, but it isn’t. Another thing is sitting for most of the day while staring at the computer. Doing so can cause muscle strain in the neck and back. Even cradling the phone between the neck and shoulder areas is another pain trigger. One part of your neck is arched while the other is tense to keep the phone from slipping.

If you want to be pain-free, then sit up straight. Change your position every hour to loosen any strained muscles and avoid pinched nerves. You can use your phone’s speakerphone function if you need to keep your hands free to do something else while you are on a call.

2. I am getting old, that’s why.

Not necessarily. Pain in the neck does not choose its victims. It can inflict ills on anyone. However, younger people tend to brush things off and rush to complete their pursuits. Older people tend to slow down and start noticing things. As such, this is likely why you are more aware of this discomfort now.

With this in mind, understanding the real trigger can help you determine the best way to alleviate the pain. 

3. A massage should take care of this.

While a massage can help ease muscle tension around this area, it guarantees that the pain will go away. Strained muscles due to stress and anxiety might benefit from the soothing effects of a gentle massage. A rubdown at home or your local spa might worsen the effects of soreness due to whiplash.

When it comes to neck pain relief Oklahoma City health care professionals check the underlying cause before presenting the treatment options.

4. I am doomed with neck pain forever.

Such a sentiment might cross your mind the moment the intensity level increases. Don’t fret because neck pain does not have to be deadly nor become a lifetime engagement. Medical experts, including chiropractic professionals, can help you alleviate the pain and manage the effects to improve your well-being.


Some Truths About Neck Pain

1. Neck pain can be an indicator of other conditions.

Although this sounds scary, don’t be afraid. The point of this fact is to inform you and not to cause alarm. Discomfort in the neck area can be a symptom of other medical conditions like migraines and arthritis. With this knowledge, you can be more mindful of your body and recent events. When working with medical experts, make sure you supply essential details to get the right treatment.

2. Proper posture is vital.

People associate posture with sitting and standing. It involves other things like walking, lifting, and even sleeping. Keeping your entire body aligned helps achieve proper weight distribution. 

  • If you are at your desk, then sit up straight.
  • Stand up and don’t slouch if you need to maintain an upright position. Avoid shifting your weight between your feet. 
  • When walking, mind your load. Use carts or trolleys if possible. 
  • If you need to lift something, then avoid bending to pick up the items. Doing so might break your back, and the resulting pain might radiate to your neck. Squat down, pick up the load, and stand up.
  • When sleeping, avoid curling. You might wake up to some strained muscles if you do. Also, use pillows that support your neck and back. Replace your lumpy mattress if you can.

3. Simple lifestyle changes can significantly help.

Manage your stress if you can. The more anxious you are, the tenser your body becomes. The higher the stress levels, the more pronounced your neck and headaches become. Try some simple breathing and relaxation techniques to keep you grounded and calm. 

If possible, kick to the curb any vices you might have. Smoking can cause neck pain. A study showed that dehydrated neck discs were more evident in smokers. In such cases, the neck is no longer as flexible. Movement can become stiff and more painful.

4. It is possible to achieve relief naturally.

Besides living a healthier life and adopting a better form, you can also naturally achieve relief from neck pain through a chiropractor’s help. Chiropractic professionals are trained in keeping the body aligned. Having yourself checked might help identify the real reason behind the aches in your neck.


Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Help Achieve Relief from Neck Pain

When deciding on achieving neck pain relief Oklahoma City chiropractor Dr. Jennifer Sheppard suggests getting upper cervical chiropractic care. Chiropractors are well-educated in ensuring body alignment. By maintaining symmetry, the different systems get to work optimally. Any issues around the neck area can impact the delivery of messages to the brain, which affects the quality of commands issued to the rest of the body.

At Precision Chiropractic, Dr. Sheppard and our team use the latest technology to examine any alignment issues. Using a gentle and precise approach, we can help achieve proper alignment that restores bones and discs to their original position. When this happens, it is probable to ease pain in the neck.

Come and schedule your appointment with Dr. Sheppard to find out if you might need chiropractic care. Help your body heal itself naturally. Help yourself live a pain-free life.


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