NUCCA chiropractor in Oklahoma CityNeck pain is one of the most hated pains, and too bad it can last for days to weeks. How can you stop the pain to turn your head or move your body freely? Our NUCCA chiropractor in Oklahoma City shares these eight suggestions:


Light Bag 

Carrying a heavy backpack makes your spine suffer, especially if the weight isn’t distributed evenly. One mistake most people overlook is carrying a heavy shoulder bag on one side of the body. The uneven weight can strain your muscles and pull the neck out of proper alignment. In this case, try to lighten your load. If not, you might need to carry the weight evenly or switch sides from time to time.

Ergonomically Correct Work or Study Station 

Most people today work or study at home at their desks or computers. Unknown to many, sitting for long hours can be bad for the body, especially if your work or study station isn’t set up ergonomically. 

Our NUCCA chiropractor in Oklahoma City strongly suggests setting your computer at eye level to avoid straining your neck and back. Also, if you use a laptop, use an external monitor so you would not need to look down at your screen throughout the day.

Properly Hydrated Body

Water energizes the body and helps with whatever illness you may have. Another reason to drink more water is to preserve the spongy texture on the discs between your vertebrae. With proper hydration, these discs will continue protecting your spine and preventing neck pain. 

Be sure you take at least eight glasses of water per day; a little more won’t harm too. Also, quit drinking too much alcohol, soda, tea, and coffee as they can dehydrate you, especially if you live in a city with a dry and hot climate. 

Correct Sleeping Position

As you know, sleeping on your stomach or face down means that you sleep with your head turned on one side to breathe, straining your neck for long hours. So, it’s not surprising if you would get a stiff neck when you wake up in the morning.

Sleep sideways or on your back to dodge neck pain. If you need help, you might want to consult with a NUCCA chiropractor in Oklahoma City for neck pain relief. This way, you’ll know the correct sleeping posture and other ways to avoid neck pain. 

Proper Posture

Poor posture not only hurts the muscles on your neck but also damages your whole spine. It strains the ligaments and muscles that support your neck and injure them over time. In short, proper posture is a must to have a healthy spine and stop neck pain. 

A common problem is the head-and-shoulders-forward posture. This describes a neck that is tilted forward, the head placed in front of the shoulders. This bad posture puts heavy pressure on your neck, leading to chronic neck pain. The more you shift your head forward, the more weight you add to your neck. 

When working on your computer, be conscious of your posture and put your feet firmly on the ground. If not, use a footstool, so you have something to rest your feet on. In addition, take breaks when working, especially if you work crazy hours and are seated the whole time. Finally, do some neck and body stretches every hour. These tips also apply when driving for long periods. 

Good Quality Mattress and Pillow

Think about the quality of your mattress and pillows too. A very old pillow tends to sag and will cause problems to your neck when sleeping. Also, a worn-out mattress could affect your spinal column.

Pillow and mattress selection would be an essential factor to prevent neck pain. For example, a back sleeper would need a softer pillow for support. On the other hand, a side sleeper should use a cushion with medium firmness for support.

Just Enough Tech Usage

Fight neck pain by cutting down your screen time. The standard weight of the adult head is around 10-12 pounds, but when you tilt your neck forward to check on your mobile phone or tablet, you triple the weight your neck has to endure. Imagine how harsh it would be for your neck to sustain a pressure of about 60 pounds. 

If you still feel your neck aching after reducing your screen time, you may want to see a NUCCA chiropractor in Oklahoma City. The constant tech use may have caused your neck bones to misalign. A chiropractor may be able to address and fix this problem.

Regular Neck Alignment Checkups 

Complications may occur if you don’t regularly check your neck alignment, destabilizing the surrounding soft tissue. This results in neck pain. Our NUCCA chiropractor in Oklahoma City focuses on structural correction. She provides a long-term solution to neck pain and other health conditions by restoring the alignment of the neck bones.

If you’re experiencing neck pain periodically, it’s always a good idea to consult with a chiropractic professional in your area. If you live in Oklahoma City, consult with Precision Chiropractic to have your regular neck alignment checkup. Dr. Jennifer Sheppard can determine, measure and correct your misaligned neck bones. This way, you can live healthily and get rid of stiffness, neck pain, and other problems you have that originate in the upper cervical region of your spine.


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