neck pain relief in Oklahoma City OK

Are you experiencing discomfort and pain on the left side of your neck too often? Like there’s a muscle knot that’s difficult to pinpoint that always happens on the left side of your neck? Is it a sharp or a dull pain? Do you find it difficult to move or tilt your neck in either direction, or are the pain and discomfort isolated to one side only? Some patients seeking neck pain relief in Oklahoma City OK report that they experience chronic neck pain, mainly on the left side only.

Understanding the underlying causes of this left-sided neck pain is essential to finding practical solutions. Your neck plays a crucial role in supporting your head and allowing smooth movement, but various factors can disrupt this harmony and lead to pain. Let’s explore the common causes of left-side neck pain and what you can do to manage and alleviate this discomfort effectively.


What are the Common Causes of Left-Side Neck Pain in Oklahoma City OK?

#1. Inflammation

Inflammation is like the body’s fire brigade rushing to the scene when injury or infection occurs. However, this essential response can cause pain, swelling, stiffness, and numbness in the neck, affecting your daily activities. Over-the-counter medicine can help with short-term pain and inflammation, helping you find relief and resume your activities more comfortably.

#2. Muscle Strain

Do you find yourself leaning forward at your computer for prolonged periods or cradling your phone between your right ear and shoulder? These habits can stress your neck muscles and lead to pain on the left side. You can manage most muscle strains at home with the RICE method – rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

#3. Pinched Nerve 

Imagine a delicate cable being squeezed, disrupting the electrical flow; that’s what happens when a nerve in your neck gets pinched or irritated. This condition, known as cervical radiculopathy, can cause neck pain and numbness in the left shoulder. Along with prescribed exercises to relieve pressure on the affected nerve, Upper Cervical Care can play a crucial role in easing the discomfort and restoring nerve function.

#4. Whiplash

This sudden and forceful motion causes your head to jerk back and forth. Beyond neck stiffness and headaches, whiplash can lead to painful neck injuries. While over-the-counter pain medications can help alleviate symptoms, more severe cases might require more attention. Applying ice or heat to the affected area and proper rest and support can aid in the healing process. Upper Cervical Care can help provide lasting relief too.

#5. Acute Torticollis

Picture your neck muscles suddenly contracting, twisting your head to one side, that’s acute torticollis. Often triggered by awkward sleeping positions or exposure to cold temperatures, this condition can be a literal pain in the neck. To find relief, traction, stretching exercises, and massage can be beneficial, while applying heat can help soothe the discomfort.

neck pain relief in Oklahoma City OK

NUCCA Adjustments For Lasting Neck Pain Relief In Oklahoma City OK

NUCCA is an Upper Cervical Chiropractic approach that helps restore balance and alignment by addressing misalignments in the neck’s atlas and axis, the uppermost vertebrae. When these bones are improperly aligned, it can lead to various health concerns beyond neck pain, impacting nerve function and overall well-being. 

By providing gentle and precise adjustments, NUCCA alleviates pressure on nerves and promotes optimal nervous system function, effectively addressing the root cause of neck pain and associated health issues. If you experience persistent neck pain or have been involved in accidents or injuries, or notice poor posture affecting your daily life, seeking help from a NUCCA Chiropractor can lead to lasting relief and improved quality of life. 

Book a consultation with us to get your spine alignment checked. We can help assess if your neck pain is due to a misalignment in the neck and recommend a series of adjustments to correct them.


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