Waking up with a throbbing back can be an incredibly frustrating experience. Unfortunately, hundreds to thousands of people across the country suffer from it. Some even have it worse, as they experience other symptoms such as inability to stand and radiating pain on the lower limbs. Several things can trigger it, including injuries, trauma, bone structure problems, arthritis, and muscle strain. Patients usually manage it through back pain medication, but you can pursue natural methods such as seeing an upper cervical chiropractor in Oklahoma City

Many patients have found success from their upper cervical chiropractic care sessions, and you too can benefit from it, should you choose to try. To help you understand why it’s worth it to seek help from an upper cervical chiropractic care professional such as Precision Chiropractic, let’s take a closer at the science of back pain.   


Many Things Can Trigger or Cause Back Pain 

Have you ever noticed changes in the intensity of your back pain on some days? Are there certain things that improve or worsen your condition? By paying attention to its triggers, you can cope better. You can list these things in a journal so you can provide more relevant details when you see a chiropractor in Oklahoma City. Also, it would help if you avoid some of the most common back pain triggers, such as: 

  • Sedentary lifestyle

Inactivity can aggravate your condition. While it can be difficult to move around, it’s still highly recommended to engage in physical activities. It would help you avoid gaining weight – another factor that could worsen the pain – and decrease the pressure on your joints. 

  • Excessive weight gain

Obesity, as we mentioned above, can lead to more back pain as your back needs to support your body’s increasing weight. It could also lead to a more sedentary lifestyle as you struggle to move due to the pain and the additional weight. 

  • Smoking

Nicotine in cigarettes can constrict your blood vessels. Consequently, this affects your spongy discs – the cushion material between each spinal bone – and increases your risk of developing early-onset arthritis. 

  • Stress

Stress can put immense pressure on your shoulder and neck muscles, leading to worse back pains. To cope, you can practice stress management tactics such as increasing physical activity, doing minor stretching exercises, and learning yoga breathing. 

  • Poor posture

Another factor that you should correct is your posture. If you have a bad posture, your spine compensates by gradually realigning the vertebral bones to support your body. Practice standing up straight and observe proper posture even when you sit down. 

Besides the lifestyle triggers listed above, other factors might be unique to your case. If there are such factors, take note of them in your journal and check how you can adjust. You might also notice other factors that have nothing to do with you how you live your life but can still affect your condition’s severity. Some examples include: 

  • Physical trauma

Sports-related injuries, car collisions, and other forms of trauma can result in back injuries. These can cause spinal bone misalignment, a critical problem that every chiropractor in Oklahoma City fixes. Have you recently suffered from a concussion or head injury? If yes, then it’s highly likely that your cervical bones – the atlas and axis – need realigning. 

  • Mental health problems

Chronic back pain can sometimes turn out to be an indicator of depression. However, that doesn’t imply that your pain isn’t real. Depression can trigger other problems that could worsen a back pain problem, such as lack of quality sleep and decreased pain tolerance. 

  • Pregnancy

Gestation or pregnancy can put immense pressure on the backbones because of the shifted body weight. Besides back pain, it could cause sciatica, which affects one side of the lower body. When this happens, patients usually complain about lower back pain accompanied by radiating pain on the buttocks to the toes. 

  • Nerve Compression

Nerve compression also results in extreme pain, tingling, and weakness of the affected part of the body. It occurs mostly when the sciatic nerve gets pinched or suffers from compression due to a faulty bone alignment. 


A Chiropractor in Oklahoma City Can Help You 

Have you noticed how most of the leading causes of back pain problem stems from wrong bone alignment? If your upper cervical bones’ position changes even by a small degree, your entire body suffers the consequence. The sooner you have your bones realigned, the smaller your risk of suffering from debilitating pain. 

This is when an experienced chiropractor comes in. With our help, your body can slowly heal from an injury or trauma. We assess your neck bone structures and determine how bad the bones have skewed due to the injury. From there, we pinpoint the critical areas we need to focus on during each adjustment. Through a series of gentle corrections, we can guide the bones to their former position, removing the pressure from your neck, head, and spine.  

A lot of things can potentially cause your back pain. Be it a lousy lifestyle choice or other health concerns, you must resolve the matter as soon as possible. If you suspect problems with your upper cervical bones, we can help you. 

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