neck pain relief in Oklahoma CityHave you ever heard of the term tech neck? Sometimes it’s also called a text neck. It’s a health concern that has been around for a while. It can affect anyone who uses a smartphone or any gadget extensively. However, it usually affects working professionals due to the repetitive motions done in the office, assembly line work, and more. Patients in need of neck pain relief in Oklahoma City may be unaware that even basic daily activities such as sitting at their desk, driving, or using mobile devices might be giving them neck pain.

Technology has influenced some aspects of our daily lives significantly. There’s no denying that these innovations have made some things reasonably convenient, such as working from home, reading and responding to emails during your morning commute, and even catching up on your favorite movies or TV series. All you need is a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, plus an internet connection, and you’ve got a whole different world at your fingertips. But how exactly does technology, particularly your gadget use, cause you harm? These repetitive motions of looking down or overextending your neck for long periods hurt your neck.

If you think you’re one of those suffering from tech neck and want to learn how to manage or eliminate the pain, finding the reason/s behind your suffering can make you cope.


Three common causes of tech neck

#1. Awkward sitting position

There has been a rise in working professionals who shifted from having an office workspace to working remotely. But unfortunately, being in front of your computer screen for most of the day is a standard routine for people suffering from chronic neck pain. It’s not just limited to working adults, though. Some students who had to do a couple of years in online classes may have strained their necks too.

To cope with the cervical pain, here are simple tips you can try:

  • Invest in good quality workplace equipment such as an ergonomic chair that gives enough neck and low back support
  • Allocate a dedicated working area in the house to set up your workspace
  •  Adjust and keep your computer monitor at the same level as your eyes
  • Use cellphone holders, so you don’t need to tilt your neck downwards, especially if you like watching videos from your smartphone.
  • Use the speakerphone option or use earphones and avoid the bad habit of placing your phone in between your neck and head when doing calls.
  • Mind your sitting position, keep your back straight, and both feet flat on the floor
  • Release the tension on the neck and back by reclining your chair a few times a day
  • If possible, allocate stretching times at least every 2 hours to ensure you engage other muscles.

#2. Long daily commute

The long periods spent sitting in the car while driving can contribute to your stiff neck muscles. If this happens regularly, it can progress to chronic pain, making you reach for muscle relaxants or over-the-counter NSAIDs.

If you notice neck pain caused by driving or by sitting in the car for hours daily, you might want to explore the following tips:

  •  Adjust the car seat to a 100-degree angle
  • Get back support for the car seat, or use a small pillow that can provide enough lumbar support
  • Adjust the headrest so your neck gets enough support
  • When you’re at a stop, rolling your shoulder muscles backward can relax your muscles
  • Adjust your seat so your feet will not have a hard time stepping on the gas or brakes
  • Empty your pockets while you’re in a car to give you a neutral sitting position
  • If you’re up for a long drive, stop to stretch your legs, neck, and back muscles once in a while

#3. Excessive use of electronic gadgets

Electronic gadgets are a part of life. Tech neck describes the cervical spine discomfort from extensive use of mobile gadgets. Quite notably, many people looking for neck pain relief in Oklahoma City suffer from tech neck because of the ample time they spend browsing their mobile phones or tablets. Whether they use them to catch up on emails or browse social media updates, news, or text messages, they unknowingly strain their necks by repeatedly bending down to look at their screens. 

There are simple ways to help prevent this problem or reduce its impact on your daily life, including:

  •  Limit the use of your gadgets and give your neck and whole body a break.
  • If possible, hold your device up with your neck in a neutral position to avoid tilting your head down.
  • Set up your device at the same level as your eyes to free your neck from pressure and stress, especially when binge-watching TV shows or attending virtual meetings.


Reach out to Dr. Sheppard For Neck Pain Relief in Oklahoma City

Smartphones and tablets are now part of life. Hopefully, trying out the simple tips we shared can come in handy in preventing the onset of a tech neck or stopping it from progressing. However, if the pain and discomfort start interfering with your life, a visit to an upper cervical chiropractic doctor may be necessary. They can help relieve your neck from pressure and stress. General care for your upper cervical spine can also be beneficial.

Repetitive movement and stress in your neck can lead to upper cervical spine misalignment, which can bring a set of uncomfortable symptoms that can cause you pain. You can have your bone alignment checked by visiting Dr. Sheppard of Precision Chiropractic. Armed with over 25 years of experience, she can help assess if your bones are not aligned and realign them safely and gently.

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