Have you tried restrictive diets and medications yet still haven’t found lasting vertigo relief? Are you looking for better ways to control the spinning sensation and other symptoms that come with vertigo? If you are, then this article may come in handy for you. 

Let’s explore some natural methods you can do to help ease your vertigo at home. Later, we’ll also explore how Dr. Jennifer Sheppard can provide Oklahoma City vertigo relief through Upper Cervical Chiropractic, specifically the NUCCA procedure.


Vertigo Home Remedies You Can Try

Our team recommends these home remedies to reduce the intensity and occurrence of your vertigo spells:

1. Canalith repositioning 

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, otherwise known as BPPV, is one of the frequent and known causes of vertigo. BPPV occurs when tiny crystals (called otoconia, some canalith particles) in your inner ear migrate somewhere in the ear from their original positions. When they move and transfer where they shouldn’t be, this can result in problems in the vestibular system. These issues cause your balance to go haywire, resulting in vertigo.

During canalith repositioning, a professional performs a series of maneuvers to help the crystals get back to their rightful positions. Some of these maneuvers can be done at home, something you can try to reset the vestibular system yourself. One of the effective maneuvers is the Epley Maneuver. Ask your doctor or chiropractor to learn more about these maneuvers so that you can perform them properly and enjoy Oklahoma City vertigo relief.

2. Drinking more water

If you often experience feeling dizzy, lightheaded, or woozy, it may be an indication of dehydration. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day; drink more if it’s hot or if you tend to sweat a lot. Practice tracking how much water you drink in a day or using a mobile app to tell you when to drink. This is the easiest and, perhaps, the cheapest method you can do to reduce vertigo occurrence.

3. Avoiding alcohol 

Have you ever had hangovers the day after you went out drinking? Alcohol is a diuretic. In short, if can make you pee a lot. This leads to dehydration which then causes your hangover. Drinking excessively also changes the composition of fluid inside your inner ear. It can encourage excess fluid retention even after the alcohol is no longer present in your blood and brain. Always be aware of how much you drink or avoid it altogether to steer clear of vertigo and hangovers. 

4. Regular exercise

You might think, “Why would I exercise to reduce vertigo? Won’t it just make me feel dizzy after?” If you’re feeling dizzy after exercising, you might be overdoing it. Firstly, exercise is good for your body. It helps control your blood pressure which is good if you have vertigo. Better blood flow to the inner ear leads to fewer vertigo occurrences. Secondly, after you exercise, your body releases a hormone called endorphin. Endorphins are chemicals produced by the body to reduce stress and pain. Thus, you can combat one of the most common triggers of vertigo – stress. Again, remember always to stay hydrated while you exercise. 

5. Improving your posture 

Poor posture can lead to painful conditions like chronic migraines and vertigo. Posture involves how we walk and stand, and it also includes the way we work while sitting, driving, looking at our phones, and even sleeping. Maintaining a good posture can help you keep your cervical spine or neck bones healthier for a long time, ultimately reducing your chances of experiencing vertigo spells.

Most of these tips can be done in the comforts of your own home. However, when it comes to misalignments in the neck, the best course of action is to consult with a health professional that can offer Oklahoma City vertigo relief, such as a chiropractor. You can seek remedy from a branch of chiropractic care that focuses on the topmost part of the spinal column– the upper cervical spine.


Oklahoma City Vertigo Relief Offered by Upper Cervical Chiropractic 

The misalignments in the neck may result in the onset and recurrence of vertigo. Below are three ways that a neck misalignment may influence vertigo episodes. Addressing a neck misalignment should be your first step towards lasting relief.

Impacts ear function

The inner ear contains fluid that is essential for balance. The Eustachian tubes are responsible for removing excess fluid inside the ear. If there is a neck misalignment that hinders the eustachian tubes from doing their purpose, the ear can be filled with excess fluid. This may result in vertigo, tinnitus, and hearing problems. 

Leads to poor blood circulation

The arteries in the neck, called vertebral arteries, take care of bringing oxygen-rich blood to the head. If there is a misalignment in the upper cervical spine, blood flow to the brain and ears may not run smoothly.

Hinders brainstem function

The brainstem enables and regulates the communication of the central nervous system (CNS) to and from the body. On the one hand, the neck is essentially the main connection to the ear and CNS functions of the body. Hence, misalignments on the neck may be the cause of underlying factors that trigger vertigo. 

As a chiropractor providing Oklahoma City vertigo relief, Dr. Sheppard had several patients who suffered from vertigo due to upper cervical misalignments. Let us give you an idea of what we can do to help you get rid of vertigo.

Upper cervical chiropractic here at Precision Chiropractic involves a thorough initial screening of the neck and patient history. This way, we can create a customized adjustment program for our patients. Then, during the procedure, we adjust the upper cervical spine back into its original position. Upon the correction of the misalignments, several patients that consulted with us shared feeling much better. Some even said that their symptoms disappeared completely after a few adjustments.

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