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Have you ever experienced a sudden jolt, leaving you with a persistent backache that won’t go away? Whiplash, often associated with car accidents, can be deceiving. What might seem like a minor incident can lead to enduring back pain. An Oklahoma City Chiropractic doctor is no stranger to chronic back pain woes from patients because whiplash can cause long-term back pain, often due to the disruption of spinal alignment and muscle strain sustained during the initial injury.

Whiplash isn’t just about neck pain and headaches. It can also be a stealthy troublemaker, affecting not just your neck but also your back. The aftermath of a whiplash incident can disrupt the natural alignment of your spine, triggering chronic back pain that lingers long after the accident is over.


Upper Cervical Misalignment Explained by an Oklahoma City OK Chiropractic Doctor

Many patients who seek Oklahoma City OK Chiropractic for the first time don’t know what to expect during their first appointment. Understandably, that’s because not many are aware of the importance of spinal alignment in maintaining optimal health and the perils of unresolved or poorly managed neck and head injuries. Several also don’t know about the atlas and axis bones – the two topmost bones in the neck.

Essentially, when these two bones shift away from their normal alignment, the rest of the spine follows suit. This can throw off the balance of your entire back and affect nerve function and the communication between your body and mind. Whiplash-induced misalignment disrupts the harmony of your spine, causing back pain that can seem unrelated but is, in fact, a domino effect of the initial impact.

Whiplash can mess with your head, too, literally. You may experience blinding headaches, neck pain, and persistent backaches. It’s a cycle that seems endless. Are you tired of this cycle? Unfortunately, unless you deal with the source, these symptoms can continue and worsen. 


Your Path to Relief: Oklahoma City Chiropractic Care

Beyond professional care, self-care plays a pivotal role. Simple stretches, the gentle touch of massage, and the comfort of ice and heat therapy can support your ongoing care. These methods can bring temporary relief from persistent aches. Additionally, you don’t have to endure this pain silently. Oklahoma City Chiropractic Care can help address whiplash-induced misalignment and alleviate your symptoms. Imagine a life where back pain is a thing of the past, where you can move freely without wincing at every step. Finally, you can do the things you used to enjoy without worrying about the pain and discomfort you may feel.

If you have been enduring persistent back pain after a whiplash incident, it may help to consult with Dr. Sheppard to determine if you have an atlas bone subluxation. This way, you can begin planning your next steps to easing your spine into proper alignment with the help of gentle chiropractic adjustments, lifestyle modifications, nutrition tips and other holistic techniques.

  Oklahoma City Chiropractic, Oklahoma City OK Chiropractic

A Trusted and Experienced Oklahoma City OK Chiropractor

Dr. Sheppard, a board-certified Oklahoma City OK Chiropractor, has years of experience realigning the atlas and axis bones, addressing the root cause of pain of many individuals, especially among those who failed to find relief from other methods or remedies. You can reclaim your life from whiplash-related back pain through Upper Cervical Care. Yes, you don’t have to let the discomfort linger; consider reaching out to experienced professionals who understand the intricacies of your pain and can guide you toward a pain-free future. 

Whiplash might have disrupted your life, but it doesn’t have to dictate your future. Imagine a future where your spine is in harmony, pain takes a backseat, and you’re in control. This doesn’t have to be a dream; it can be your reality. Book a visit to our office today!


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