Migraine relief in Oklahoma City does not only involve medications. Besides taking painkillers or triptans, you have many other options more than you know. There are natural methods you can implement to help manage your migraine symptoms. Some of these, you can do in the comfort of your home.

If you belong to the 39 million Americans dealing with head pain, we have two pieces of advice for you. One: follow our tips below. They are surefire ways to keep your migraines at bay or minimize the pain of an ongoing episode. Two: utilize upper cervical chiropractic care. At the end of this post, we will dive deeper into how you can benefit from this natural therapy.

1. Manage stress in healthy ways

Perhaps the number one trigger of migraines is stress. Therefore, you must employ relaxation techniques to avoid experiencing head pain attacks. You can try meditation, yoga and martial arts as these exercises can boost your concentration and mindfulness. In short, they can help you clear your mind, relax, and combat stress. Once you discover the best methods to de-stress, stick to them. 

2. Wear your sunglasses on

Many people with head pain are oversensitive to bright lights. Quick exposure to blazing sunlight can instigate a migraine attack later in the day. Wear on your sunglasses when you go outdoors or even when you’re just inside the house and can’t draw curtains to block the sunlight. 

3. Switch your perfume scent

Most migraineurs are also sensitive to strong smells. According to a small study, 95% of migraineurs say perfume sparks their head pain attacks. If you experience sensitivity with strong-scented perfumes, you can switch to a milder scent that does not irritate your sense of smell so you can avoid intense migraine headaches. Other known odors that can trigger head pain are from smoke, gasoline, cleaning products, and foods with a strong smell.

4. Use rose-colored tinted glasses

If you notice your migraines setting in after using your smartphone or computer for hours, we advise that you pause what you’re doing and rest your eyes. It would benefit you to invest in glasses that have a special rose-colored tint called FL-41 as it can help filter out the blue light from your devices that can trigger head pain and aggravate your light sensitivity.

5. Set a routine and stick to it

Establishing and sticking to a daily routine can help you avoid migraines for the long-term. Be sure you eat around the same time every day and not skip meals. If you have an exercise program, do it moderately for at least 30 minutes, thrice a week. Your sleeping schedule should also be consistent. Go to bed and wake up around the same time daily. 

6. Stay in a quiet, dark room

When a migraine attack hits you, get some rest in a silent, dark room. This would help you mitigate the effects of head pain triggers, such as bright lights and noise. These external factors can worsen your migraine headaches. You can apply an ice pack on your forehead or neck too. 

7. Drink a ginger or peppermint tea

Two of the most disabling symptoms of migraines are nausea and vomiting. If you experience these two during a migraine attack, drink homemade ginger or peppermint tea. It can help relax your upset stomach. Ginger has components that help ease inflamed muscles, which is crucial in countering head pain. You can also put on a motion sickness band to help with your nausea. This device can massage an acupressure point on your wrist. 

8. Have a warm bath or use some cold pack

Many migraine patients get relief in having a steam shower or a warm bath. Heat reduces muscle tension throughout the body, which can alleviate pains associated with migraines. Some also report feeling better after putting some ice packs across their foreheads or over their necks. Ice can help reduce blood vessel inflammation, which can improve your head pain.

9. Have a professional assess your neck

Neck pain is just one of the several migraine symptoms that plague migraineurs. It usually begins at the base of the neck and spreads into the head. If your migraines often go hand in hand with neck pain, it may indicate the root cause of the problem. Migraines can develop due to misalignments of the bones located in the upper neck.

You can consult an upper cervical chiropractor for an upper cervical spine assessment to know if there are misalignments in your neck. Misalignments can be minor, but it can have a dramatic impact on the functions of your central nervous system. An upper cervical chiropractor can help bring back the normal blood flow in your brain, which can help combat your head pain.  


A Natural Migraine Relief in Oklahoma City 

Upper cervical chiropractic care can resolve migraines right at its root. A niche within the chiropractic profession, this form of therapy examines the atlas (the uppermost vertebra in the neck), which is often where migraines originate. 

Upper cervical chiropractors make gentle and customized adjustments for every patient. They aim to shift the atlas back to its proper alignment using a natural approach. This often leads to long-lasting relief from head pain symptoms.

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