Oklahoma City sciatica chiropractorBack pain is one of the most prevalent ailments in the United States. Our Oklahoma City sciatica chiropractor could not agree more that back pain, especially the one caused by sciatica, is one of the most disabling conditions that exist.


Crucial Facts about Back Pain and Sciatica in America

  • As many as 65 million Americans suffer with back pain.
  • Nearly 40% of Americans complain of sciatica.
  • A leading cause of disability among workers, back pain prevents many people from performing basic day-to-day activities.
  • Back pain does not spare anyone. It can affect all age groups, from children, adolescents to older adults.
  • Mental and emotional problems are common among older adults with back pain and sciatica.
  • Back pain problems can have a significant effect on the income of American workers. 
  • Back pain and sciatica are the leading causes of work limitations and work-loss days. 


Far-Reaching Effects of Sciatica or Low Back Pain

Back pain due to sciatica can cause debilitating effects on one’s physical body. However, it can also hurt you emotionally and mentally. From physical pain to mood and cognitive problems, sciatica can significantly impact one’s quality of life. Our Oklahoma City sciatica chiropractor listed how sciatica or low back pain can affect someone.

Makes one less productive 

The relationship between back pain and productivity is a growing issue in the United States. Back pain can interfere with one’s ability to work, study, or finish any task. For example, those with severe sciatica may have difficulty running errands or hardly complete an output. 

Slows down your mental processes

In addition to decreasing productivity, sciatica can also dampen one’s focus. Workers, especially those in the creative field, may have a creative block and difficulty regaining the mental capacity to get past it. Again, this is a result of being under severe physical pain. 

Lowers a person’s self-esteem

Since back pain can affect people physically and emotionally, they may have a tough time doing the things they love. These limitations may decrease their self-esteem. As a result, one may experience loneliness, anxiety, and sadness. Low self-esteem can also impair your job or academic performance. It can make a person develop unhelpful and unhealthy coping habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, and trying unnecessary medications.

Brings about emotional problems

Over time, back pain can take an emotional toll on people. Constantly stressing about where your pain is coming from and how to relieve it can cause serious emotional problems. Anger issues, depression, anxiety, and mood swings are just a few emotional issues that may arise after suffering from sciatica. These issues are normal when dealing with such physical problems. But if it persists, you need to do something about it. You may visit an Oklahoma City sciatica chiropractor to address the root of your physical pain. When dealing with mood swings, depression, and other emotional issues, you might want to explore stress-relieving methods. It can include doing the hobbies you love, visiting a therapist, or joining support groups.

Affects relationships

Severe and chronic sciatica can also affect the external aspects of your life, including your relationships. It means that it can also heavily influence the lives of anyone around you.  Sometimes, you feel like you are becoming a burden to people. 

If you feel this way, take a step back and assess your situation. Then, be more open to communicating with your friends and family. Speak out your concerns and also listen to what they have to say. For example, if your back pain affects your marriage, visiting a therapist for a married couple would be a great help. 

Makes older adults dissatisfied with retirement 

Back pain may affect one’s quality of work. According to a survey by Health Policy Institute, one-third of retired participants (ages 51 and above) reported that back pain had a significant role in their retirement decision. These retirees with back pain said they are less satisfied with their retirement after spending their workdays in pain. 

Results in financial stress

Earnings are lower in adults with back pain. This could be due to some work limitations and the number of absences at work.  As a result, many back pain sufferers experience financial stress. This kind of stress may manifest through various symptoms including, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, withdrawing from others, arguing with loved ones about money, etc. In addition, financial stress may root from the following:

  • Being short of money to meet one’s needs
  • Not making enough to pay for rent, electric bills, and transportation


Consult with Our Oklahoma City Sciatica Chiropractor 

If you didn’t know, back pain can be linked to a misalignment in the upper neck. Unfortunately, not many Americans know about this. When the topmost bones of your spine fall out of alignment, several health issues may arise, including back pain and sciatica. Correcting this error is the goal of our Oklahoma City sciatica chiropractor. 

NUCCA chiropractic care focuses on examining your neck misalignment. After that, our Oklahoma City sciatica chiropractor will then design a specific adjustment plan that fits your needs. Once everything is ready, she will gently restore your upper neck’s alignment through a precise adjustment. This will let your body recover naturally on its own. Therefore, you will experience long-term relief without using any medication and invasive procedures.

Check out our website if you want to learn more about NUCCA chiropractic care or how it can relieve your pain. Also, if you want to benefit from this natural form of care, schedule an appointment with us today. Request a consultation slot using our online form or by calling our office at 405-378-3100.


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